Welcome to Silicon Valley

When I moved into my new home in Silicon Valley, I was greeted by the Mobile Welcome and Every Other Service Wagon. (You could Google it. This is a real mobile service center.)

The gig economy is in total full swing in the Valley. The Every Service Center Wagon comes to your home, interviews you for the service you require (anything under the sun that’s legal and some that I’m not so sure about), and arranges for it online in your living room.

House prices in the Valley are totally totally unbelievable but the gig economy provides a lot of reasonable or even unreasonably cheap services. My first morning after moving in, I discovered that my squirrel-proof bird feeder had been emptied overnight. A neighbor told me that roof rats on the block had discovered how to climb down and eat the birdseed without causing the little gates to shut from their weight. Sort of like how nuthatches use the feeder.

My mobile service-center staff person set me up with two college students who specialized in camping out on your roof and humanely trapping the rats, to be released in one of the multitude of homeless encampments we have around here. This sounds bad for the homeless but the rats actually help keep the encampments clean by eating some of the garbage that accumulates. (This is for the uncertified encampments. Those certified, such as in Oakland, have various hygienic facilities provided by the city.)

So all-in-all, I could say that the Mobile Service Center is a win-win-win-win-win situation, when considering the homeowner, center workers, gig workers, rats, and the homeless.

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