colony collapse. so many honeybees gone. can we live without honey? yes, we can live without a lot of things but at some point we’ll wonder if we want to.

we lean on the honeybee, depend on the honeybee to pollinate our crops and gardens. in the U.S., however, there are 4,000 species of indigenous bees; honeybees are immigrants. nothing wrong with immigrants but if they become a single failure point, planning becomes necessary.

some native bees have been shown to be two or three times as efficient pollinators as honeybees. (it was on the internet!) native bees give us some hope if colony collapse continues.

hope but not a complete solution if honeybees are lost. for example, honeybees are mobile; they can be shifted from farm to farm. they’re used in the February California almond groves, when no native bees are around. more study to be done.

meanwhile, moths, butterflies, and bats also pollinate.

moths in the nighttime
when not distracted by light
find the blooms they want

for dVerse Haibun Monday

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17 Responses

  1. Great haibun! We might live without honey, but not without honey bees! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Bees do use pollen although they do not make honey from it; they need pollen back-at-base. Pollen provides a wide range of nutritional components and is the principal source of protein for bees. Also, bees are not indigenous to the US. I keep bees.

    • good bee knowledge! i’ll correct my post about the pollen.

      i did say that honeybees are “immigrants” (not indigenous) and i used “native” for indigenous.

      i live among beekeepers but myself keep only a cat.


  3. Fascinating Joem.

  4. I enjoyed your haibun and do notice many other insects besides honeybees collecting pollen. I had one (or more?) of those hummingbird moths visiting my petunias all summer — in the daytime!

  5. Love this. I did not know honeybees were not natives.

  6. Honey is very nice, but it is a by-product compared to the bees’ most important job. I didn’t know there are so many species in the US! I wonder how many we have in the UK.

  7. Interesting haibun…I hope the honeybees survive

  8. Caring for bees is caring for humans, I might handle life without honey, but it will be sad without applies

  9. perhaps the other pollinating bugs will step up… perhaps with our help… or perhaps if we like apples enough, we will pollinate our own apple trees… a tree for every human!

  10. not distracted by light… makes me want to turn off that light my husband puts on the American flag… our flower garden is directly below it! I’ll have to have him bring it in at night!

  11. I like this post! I found this article that talks about bees. May I share it with you?

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