paradise lost

i built an aquarium, a terrarium, an aviary
interconnected, conjoined, merged
bigger than any other room in my house
where the creatures within could
swim, crawl, walk, fly
their choice
in oxygenated water, on sand and loam and rock, in fresh air

i added too many animals
i didn’t keep it clean
no filters for the water
cheap food
the picky went first
i let it get hot then hotter
the hardy went last

for dVerse Meet the Bar and the subject “metaphors”

18 Responses

  1. What a great metaphor for climate change… the hardy went last!

  2. yeah and i’m not that hardy


  3. There is a lot of work involved in keeping a terrarium alive.

  4. The gods built that terrarium/aquarium/aviary. We’ve fallen down on keeping it working.

  5. Excellent use of metaphors!

  6. Your aquarium turned into a metaphoric catastrophe! You’ve captured its demise quite well.

  7. Is the the keeper or the one who are kept that is to blame?

  8. Excellent use of metaphor Loem! Creatively conceived, and very effective!

  9. *Joem* sorry!

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