i am a cage in search of a bird
ask your mom what that means
i want to catch the bluebird of happiness
ask your mom what that is
i want the bluebird inside me so i’ll be happy
ask your mom if she does this
then sometimes i’ll let the bluebird go
ask your mom if she gets sad
other people need the happy bird sometimes
do you get sad
i let the sad blackbird fly into me instead
when you are sad we can swap our birds that way
your mom can help

for dVerse Poetics and Tale Weaver

13 Responses

  1. I like the thought of sharing that bluebird.

  2. Wow! I really like this.

  3. Why do we want to cage joy? Sharing multiplies … a point well brought out.

  4. thanks.

    maybe kafka thought there were enough bluebirds to go around.

    they’re in short supply around here (the actual birds). Cornell study suggests a 30% decline in bird population since 1970.


  5. My grown kid asks questions like this!

  6. How good it would be if we could share joy like this.

  7. There is a wistful tone to this but it also promotes understanding between a mother and child, or rather, everything a mother does for the child and how her emotions aren’t always free-flowing or accessible so that the child may come first.

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