fall has arrived, which means that the major league baseball season is winding down in the US, with teams that i root for heading to the playoffs for a change. at the same time, the national football league is underway, with teams that i root for doing ok. sports, a chance to get away from it all, bringing a smile.

just read “Summer of ’49,” by David Halberstam, which is about baseball time in a time when the nation revered it. the book, also worth a smile.

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  2. Rays made the wildcard so hopefully they will get passed the A’s to play the Astros. The Bucs won yesterday so smiling for a change. 😊.

    • uh oh. i didn’t want my post to be partisan, so I didn’t mention teams, but I’m afraid I’ll be rooting for the A’s.

      the Rays had an exciting season, though, winning so many close games.

      And they’ll always be the Devil Rays to me.

      • That’s ok. Friendly competition never hurts anyone. If we get beat, I will be rooting for anyone who can beat the Yankees. I’ve been a fan since the beginning as I was living in Tampa during those formidable years. I still have my shirt with The Devil Rays on it that I bought at a game. It’s comfy.

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