My Best First Day of School

Got to be quick. I have all the time in the world, but not for writing.

My best first day of school was everything I wanted. I walked in and sat down with a big grin on my face just so happy to be there. Out of working in the laundry. No guards in sight.

What kind of teacher teaches classes in prison? This one was older. Probably should have been retired. Lived nearby in Mill Valley. Wasn’t doing it for the money I judge. Not uptight.

So anyway, that first day was about mathematics. Mr. Paducci had a system or a method or a plan or whatever of how to teach adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying and then on from there. I remember back in the day I was bored at school which is why I didn’t stay there very long but here I was interested from the bump.

It wasn’t just the first day I liked. I was available for a lot of days more and I liked them all just as much.

for Writing Prompt #36

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