The Selfie Museum

Welcome. The museum is free. Donations gratefully accepted.

Here you will see about a million selfies. I have spent years building this collection. It features selfies of the great, the near-great, and just plain folks from around the world.

Some say that the collection is not 100% legit. They say that some of the selfies are photos clipped out of magazines. They complain especially about me using National Geographic, old issues of Life, and People Magazine. Not true.

Some pics might look like the subject is shying away or avoiding the camera but they’re just goofing around.

The ones where the people are so far away? Trick photography.

There are no mug shots in my collection, no matter what you hear.

Those real old-looking shots? You could take a selfie before the turn of the century if somebody else ignited the gunpowder for you.

My neighbor is telling visitors that my mom’s selfie is a drawing of her I made when I was 5. Stupid.

If no one is present when you exit, please leave your donation in the cigar box by the door. Thank you.

Photo courtesy of LL Jones
for Sunday Photo Fiction and Weekend Writing Prompt

5 Responses

  1. I love this, what a cute idea for the story. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. I bet folks would pay for their selfies not to be displayed.

  3. Ha ha! Not fake at all, eh?

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