Dog Sales

(snapshot, Sisavath St., Vientiane)

I came to Laos to sell dogs. Most Vientiane dogs you see out and about aren’t strays. Most have a home and many serve as guards there, although during the day they can be friendly. It’s rare to see a dog that appears to be feral, with medical problems.

Sadly, dogs are on the menu in Laos. The country also exports dogs to Viet Nam to be used for the same purpose, but that’s not why I’m selling dogs in the country.

The thing is, an amazing number of Laotian canines have stubby legs. Don’t know why, but this creates a demand for my dogs, which all have long legs.

That’s their selling point. They sell in Vientiane like, well, like hotcakes. Or hot dogs. If you see a dog in the city with exceptionally long legs, it’s probably one of mine.

For What Pegman Saw

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  1. Oh my, I like hot dogs, but not that kind!

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