Wonky Whiskers

When I was young, my whiskers came in in patches. If I let them grow, yes, the kids say they are wonky because they are still patchy.

My particular baldness is also patchy, Wonky patchy.

I dealt with this by keeping hair and whiskers cut short, but now that I’ve joined the Rondistiborians, however, that is no longer an option. No cutting of hair.

I tried wearing a hat and bandit’s kerchief to cover head, cheeks, and chin. No dice. The Rondistiborians point out that the peoples of the Indian subcontinent never invented the hat and we’re talking a billion people so why allow hats?

Eventually they kicked me out on the wonky issue. My wife and kids remained. My wife likes guys with a full head and chin of long hair.

Now I’m back to short hair. I get a shave and a haircut for $21.85 plus tip.

for Putting My Feet in the Dirt August Writing Prompts


the sloth will hang with
other local sloths but not
right-side up like us

for The Daily Spur


wax for hairy leg comfort
while animals last

for Three Things Challenge


funny video
cat at play then next morning
dead rat on doorstep

for Daily Addictions


churlish bear browses
in humans camp while they at
creek annoy his trout

for Fandango One-word Challenge

unreliable narrator

no emergency
do not worry time will pass
with us in the now

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


animated fox
in henhouse like man in his
favorite gun shop

for Your Daily Word Prompt


view from silent space
it’s our past and present home
future is in doubt

for Word of the Day Challenge

I liked the rush…

“I liked the rush, I liked the crunch. Never did look back at the fallout.”

Theme for our course on human history, a quote from the last human left.

Note the landscape in the photo above. Humans left very little behind when they were finished with their planet.

Note, in the mirror, evidence that in end times they carried a little habitat called a “trailer” behind them, in which they could abide in the wasteland they had created. They lived like death turtles.

Ironically, the final humans did not need to look back at the fallout. It caught up with them.

for First Line Fridays