the grass grows uphill
in fact with nature’s changes
it’s uphill for all

for The New, Unofficial, On-line Writer’s Guild


pests will outlive us?
environmental changes
decrease their numbers.

For Tale Weaver

Hit the Ceiling

“When Dad heard, he hit the ceiling. He raised the roof.”

“Yeah, he blew a gasket.”

“Don’t mix metaphors.”

“Sorry. He was bouncing off the walls. How’s that?”

“Good. Thank you. He put his foot down. It was Katy bar the door.”

“He ran around like a chicken with its head… Nah… All our privileges went right out the window.”

“You said it. He was ready to clean house with us.”

“Make us get our house in order.”

“A plague on both our houses.”

“A house of ill repute!”

“Well, he didn’t go that far.”

For Thimbleful Thursday Writing Prompt


Latvia have many forests. I live in one. This time I leave forest to see more Latvia. I am in city with cars and trucks. On bridge over Daugava River. River much bigger here. Much bigger. I try to fish from bridge. Too high. Police come. Send me back to forest. Good.

for Pegman Prompts


fill the empty parts
with helping hands and healing
not acquisition

for Micro Poetry


today is not whether
questionable ancestry
but any descendants

for Twiglet


situation changed
this wreck no longer to be
seen in slow motion

for Daily Addictions


quiz: monopoly
on goldfish? Rome? Lagos? Beijing?
answer: Carptown Green

for Three Word Challenge


in nature’s broad view
considering everything
abnormal is not

for Fandango One-Word Challenge


gentle pastureland
stock grazing in lush green fields
carnivore bush league

for Ragtag Daily Prompt