the best swimming hole
is the one you found when ten
before time happened

for Writing Prompts


to be crucified
is not often suicide
except now on earth

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


this canine is of
questionable ancestry
we will call him “mutt”

for The Twiglets


uniform dusty
stuffed alligators for sale
where swamp used to be

for Three Things Challenge


delicious fruit
rain forest or your market
can they coexist

for Daily Addictions

Park Ride

“A sleeping dragon? What kind of a Park ride is a sleeping dragon?”
“Awake it was too scary for the kids.”
“But what does it do?”
“Smoke comes out of its nose.”
“That’s it?”
“It makes snoring sounds.”
“Anything else?”
“It farts.”
“Well that’s all right then.”

For Twittering Tales. 251 characters.


man’s tenacity
is no match for nature’s rules
which will never change

for Fandango One-Word Challenge


new web is empty
invisible in the air
we have our own webs

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


in this my country
all we lack is clean water
clean air and freedom

for The Daily Spur


only the nimble
survive in the wild whereas
our least nimble rule

for Your Daily Word Prompt