animal nightlight
full moon and good night vision
humans flip a switch

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge


i ate kidney pie
looked out the window at the
lamb’s mother. drama.

For Three Word Challenge


most animals don’t
repudiate facts but cats
are an exception

for Your Daily Word Prompt


what manner of world
is this with all its wonders
displayed but wasted

for The Daily Spur


highfalutin birds
with feathers of every hue
and of course all male

for Fandango One-Word Challenge


jungle excursion
experiencing Gaia
then home to your town

Ragtag Daily Prompt


lion nearly kills a
healthy deer. fortunately
a wounded one waits

for Word of the Day Challenge


no gratitude from
nature for harmony search.
whatever is, is

for Ronovan Writes

Phone Call

“Michael, it’s Aisha.”

“Aisha. It’s been twenty-three years.”

“Quick response. Have you been keeping track?”

“No … Yes… I mean …”

“I’ve been keeping track too. I saw you on Facebook this morning and had an impulse to call. Not the first impulse.”

“Wow. I… I’m… Where are you?”

“New York. Twenty-three years older. Married. Three kids. Program manager. You?”

“Still in San Francisco. Married. Two kids. Still a software engineer … So, you’re … Well, are you happy? Everything good?”

“Everything good.”

“Same here … Although you know, I’ve only felt like we felt, just that one stretch of time in my life. When we were together.”

“Yes. Once in a lifetime. True love. But it’s not a feeling that lasts. We both knew that.”

“Romance. An illusion. It would never have worked. But still, that feeling. My God.”

“Pain and exultation. Seeing you on Facebook, I had a sudden flashback …”

“Pain and exaltation. Me for you.”

“That’s you and your words.”

“Seeing me on Facebook, though, old and haggard. Embarrassing.”

“Baloney. Forty-five and still good-looking. Promise you’ll never google me.”

“You’re beautiful as ever. More so, with the wisdom of age.”

“You have googled me … Should we keep in touch, a little more than that?”

“This is hard but also kind of wonderful. I don’t know.”

“Talk to your wife about it. It is hard but I’m glad I called.”

“Me too.”

For Sunday Writing Prompt


humanity drifts
cut off from nature except
for a mother’s thread

for Pic and a Word Challenge