what is snide besides
a remark? are only humans
snide? hyenas too?

For Fandango One-Word Challenge


pet clips go viral
is it charisma or is
that for man only

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


man controls the world
like a drunken bus driver
heading off a cliff

for The Daily Spur


beehives stand empty
daily loss attests to the
advent of worse news

for Your Daily Word Prompt


friendship in the blind
amongst hunters young and old
doesn’t extend to deer

for Word of the Day Challenge


“So that’s a real lagoon.”

“It beats the one I work at.”

“So how come you all call an artificial pool for the treatment of effluent a lagoon? Now when I look out here all I can think of is your sewage treatment plant.”

“Everybody in sewage calls the settling ponds lagoons. They don’t look all scenic like this, but they’re ok when the wind ripples the surface, if it weren’t for the smell.”

Photo courtesy of Artur Malishkevych


wild grapes grow in tangles
on the fringes of the wood
facing cultivated fields
of vines in ranks
their vintage product

for Weekend Writing Prompt


tangled wild green grapes
fresh spring growth on forest fringe
facing vintage vines