more garbage more crows
please don’t shoot the messenger
it’s our fault not theirs

for Mad About Metaphor


The capitol grew rank in the summer heat, the humid streets clogged with sweating tourists and rats.

Striding down the sidewalk, Jon Abramson soaked through his finest summer suit. In court he would make his final arguments before a dripping jury, wilted.

Heun Su pushed her baby’s pram toward the park, she and her daughter dehydrating along the way. Su, spending quality time with her child before heading to the hospital to perform afternoon brain surgery. A nurse would sponge her brow to keep her eyes clear while she worked.

Meanwhile, the rats on the streets, sensing something seriously wrong with the climate, were heading as one out of town, due north.

for First Line Fridays.


the start of the world
chaos then not then chaos
the end of the world


a world of lifeforms
then the human species joins
can all coexist?

for SoCS