our home


honey, i’m home.

don’t forget to take off your shoes.

it’s a mile to the bedroom. my slippers are worn out.

i just had the floors refinished. go about in your socks if you please.

fine. how was your day?

i’ve had work started on the new rooms.

my lord. it’s like the winchester mystery house.

not in the least. every room has a purpose. all part of the plan. did you see my new sculpture by the water?

the stack of rocks?

yes. i call it the holy trinity and my soul.

yes… did the fellow come to clear out the water snakes?

no, i forgot about that. just too busy.

i thought our visitors might feel more secure in any aquatic activities without the need to be vigilant for poisonous reptiles.

our visitors?

the refugess. one hundred of them. i’ve invited them to stay. remind the cook please.

but my floors…

not to worry. they’re quite shoeless.


Photo by Sandra Crook
ForΒ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple


12 Responses

  1. Enjoyed this.

  2. An interesting take with a perfect final line. Excellent.

  3. Great ending, and totally unexpected. Good job.

  4. He’s got the right idea – fill a large house with people who need a home.

  5. Subtle humor here. Love the lines about the water snakes. Well done!

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