Do animals imagine or only react?

I have seen the dreaming dog.

Do they guess?

I have seen the ambivalent cat. Stepping out. I guess. Stepping back. I guess not.

Are they pensive?

I have seen the thoughtful bird. The motion of its feathers betrays its mood.

They like me, or is that my imagination?


For Pic and a Word

7 Responses

  1. I love your observations of animals. It is an interesting question. I agree dogs do dream and cats are often ambivalent.

  2. <smile> George Carlin once memorably said, “Do you know what it is about cats? Cats don’t give a ….”. Well, it’s George, so I’m sure you can finish it yourself.

    I too love to ponder about what consciousness must be like for animals. Hummingbirds, for example, I wonder at whether they can see their own wings flapping, or are they as much a blur for them? Would it be like a slow motion video? What would time seem like? Would humans seem ponderously slow motioned to them?

    It’s fun. And so is your poem. =)

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