A raven adopted me at my cabin in the north woods. I named him Edgar. We had a casual relationship, based on food and togetherness.

Edgar roamed the woods at will. One day, he brought home a crow, whom I named Allan.

Allan generally gave me a wide berth, unlike Edgar, who would perch on my shoulder. Allan and I competed for Edgar’s affections. I sensed that Allan was gradually winning.

When the two birds built a nest together and Allan laid eggs in it, I changed her name to Ellen.

The hybrid babies took me for their godfather.


For Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge

11 Responses

  1. Ha, loved it. We once had a canary we thought was male until it too laid an egg.

  2. I did not know that happened. Sounds craven. Actually it is a lovely story.

  3. Lovely story!

  4. Sweet story. Threes a crowd when it comes to true love – at least they shared their offspring with him.

  5. Fabulous unfolding of the story, cleverly punctuated with the shifting names and roles.

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