my windmill


I bought the house because it was an incredible bargain. I didn’t think the windmill would be a problem. I signed the sale papers without reading the fine print.

I can’t build a swimming pool near the mill, or even start a garden. As an historic structure, it’s protected, along with the grounds around it.

The public must have access.

If the structure burns, I’ll be jailed without question.

I may not modernize it. No electrical equipment may be installed.

The bat problems may be mitigated but not abated.

I may not rent out rooms in it.

So I quit my job at the bank and reopened the damned thing. The green locals who grow their own corn and grains keep me in business.

It’s one of those lemons/lemonade things.


Words: 128
Photo by Fandango
For FFfAW Challenge

11 Responses

  1. Always read the fine print. I hate annoying little legal details but my wife and brother thrive on them so I always turn to them.

  2. Hahahah! You’re right about the lemons/lemonade! She/he didn’t have much choice to do anything else with it. LOL! Great story!

  3. If you can’t win, then attempt to turn the situation to your advantage. Great story telling.

  4. Red tape, the proof that a country/city is now ‘civilized’ and ‘developed’.

  5. I like that they decided to make the best of it. Nice one,

  6. The fine print gets you every time! Enjoyed!

  7. Great solution to the problem.

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