“You’re being released from the hospital in the morning, Don.”

“Good, Sancho. Is Rocinante well again?”

“Rocinante is out of the shop.”

“Well-fed and ready to help me?”

“The JLG 800AJ Cherry Picker is a durable and versatile machine, Don. It’s you I’m worried about. I want you to stay home, at least for the time being.”

“Not possible. I’m going back. The giants still menace the city.”

“They’re waiting for you in Golden Gate Park, Don.”

“Of course they wait, both Dutch and Murphy. Wait in fear.”

“No, I mean the police.”

“They want my help and they shall have it. Rocinante will carry me forward and lift me high enough to reach the giants’ arms.”

“The tourists are going to be murder.”


Words: 123
Photo by Fandango
For FFfAW Challenge

19 Responses

  1. Some sort of giants attacking the city? I hope our hero gets back to the front line.

    • Hi, Iain.

      San Francisco has two large windmills in its Golden Gate Park. The picture prompt is of one of them, or the same as makes no difference.

      If Quixote lived in SF, he’d be after those windmills right smart.


  2. Those darn tourists mess up everything! I sure wouldn’t want to be in the Giants arms! Great story, Joem!

  3. I had a feeling someone would take this approach.

  4. A modern-day Quixote in San Francisco. Wonderful story!

  5. Tell the tourists to fetch corn, then the giants will behave themselves.

  6. I’d done a Don Quixote flash fic story recently, so avoided it this time. Thankfully, you were under no such constraints, and came up with such an imaginative modern take.

  7. I havent done a Don Quixote story. should give it a try.

  8. Enjoyed! I thought of writing about a “don” as well!

  9. Ah, good ole Don Q. Nicely done.

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