most admire the beauty, the bloom, the color

for some, it’s the long elegant stems that go all the way up

a few contrarians and cynics study the thorns

but for me, it’s the hips

i’ll sit and have tea with those hips

i’ll smoke a little hip

hips are hip

i’m able to enjoy hips because they have cured all my diseases

they’ve made my skin smooth and blemish-free

god hid many secrets in hips

instead of a ring or a bouquet, when i proposed

i gave my love a bucket of hips

her hips aren’t too shabby either


For Friday Fictioneers

11 Responses

  1. Dear Joe,

    Hip hip hooray for roses



  2. He’s in love with a hip-popotamus?

  3. Hips are hip! Love it.

  4. I’m with him… HIps are the best part of the rose!

  5. I like your paean to hips – a much undervalued asset nowadays! Nicely written.

  6. Now I’m viewing hips fom a whole new perspective. Does this mean I’m now hip?

  7. Made me smile 🙂

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