Could you converse with an ant?

Talk to her about going to work? That’s what she does and you do too.

Off she marches, same old same old. What about you?

The ants in the next nest? She’ll ignore them or fight them, but never cooperate with them. If she goes over there, they all look alike to her.

You could talk about how your social life is the pits. Couple of girls get all the guys, because they’re to die for.

Or you could talk about how you sometimes get antsy, while she gets peopley.

I’d rather converse with my aunt.


For the Daily Post

2 Responses

  1. I read over the line about being antsy/people, and then questioned what I had just read. Upon rereading it I laughed out loud, and have already quoted it and will probably continue to do so. Very clever!

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