“Let’s work this out.”

“I want to work it out but I will not compromise my principles.”

“Me neither. Do we agree that we’re equals.”

“Yes. Not exactly equal in every way, but added up, yes.”

“So when it comes to cooking?”

“You do the cooking, but cooking is part of the bigger picture.”

“And cleaning up the kitchen afterwards?”

“You also do that. Just part of the bigger picture.”

“And shopping to buy the food to cook?”

“It’s all part of the same thing. We’re not equal in every little detail.”

“Raising the kids?”

“I helped make them ha ha… But seriously, I take them to school.”

“Making their breakfast? Putting up lunches for school? Picking them up after school? Planning their time after school?  Afternoon snacks? Helping them with their homework? Play dates? Buying their clothes? Keeping them clean? Dentist? Pediatrician?”

“I took Timmy to Dr. Goldman that time.”

“Changing the sheets? Vacuuming? Keeping in touch with both our families? Sending out Christmas cards?”

“Look, Honey. It’s not a compromise but I’ll clean up my work area in the garage.”

“For the first time this decade?”

“I’ll pick up that stuff at the dry cleaners.”

“You mean your extra suit and your shirts with the stains from the pub?”

“I go to work every day. I earn my share. I’m not compromising, but what else do you want?”

“We both go to work every day. Counting my royalties, I actually make more than you do. I’m also thinking you’re not as smart as you think you are.”

“But I’m good looking ha ha… Listen, I will not compromise my principles but I will come to an agreement. Tell me what you want.”

“Let’s start with these dirty dishes.”


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