Can’t you see the sign?


“Halt. Who goes there?”

“What? It’s me. Jerry.”

“You can’t be in here.”

“I’ve been taking this shortcut for ten years. It’s an empty parking lot.”

“Mr. Jones told us to lock it up.”

“Mr. Jones has a damned car. He don’t have to walk to work.”

“Just the same, he said to close the gate and lock it. Nobody gets in.”

“Ever since nine-eleven, everybody is locking every gate they’ve got. It don’t make any sense. There ain’t a terrorist in the county. There ain’t a Moslem in the county. Even if there was, what would they do in an abandoned parking lot?”

“Don’t matter. We’re locking it all down.”

“It’s bad enough I”ve got to climb over the fence. I ain’t going around.”

“Mr. Jones says shoot on sight.”

“Mr. Jones is crazy.”

“He may be crazy, but he’s also the the mayor, the owner of Jones’ Guns, and the principal of the dad-burned high school.”


Photo by Sascha Darlington
For Sunday Photo Fiction

3 Responses

  1. An irrational knee-jerk reaction. Sounds familiar. An enjoyable read too.

  2. Looks like he’s trying to get cheeky with the wrong guy.

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