“It takes a lot of courage to be a courageous person,” my dad would say.

“It takes courage to have courage?” I would say.

“It does and you don’t,” he would say.

“I don’t have the courage or I don’t have the courage to have the courage? Which one are you talking about?”

“Both of them, Son, I am sorry to say.”

“Well now, hang on. Suppose I just up and admit I’m a coward, right now, to you. Would that take courage? To stand here and admit it to your face?”

“Hmm… Is that what you’re doing?”

“No, I’m just asking. It’s not like running into a burning building to save a baby, but it would take some grit to make such a confession to your own father, wouldn’t it.”

“I was not calling you a coward, Son. You are a feisty one. Courage takes some of that too, I guess.”

“Well, all right then,” I would say.


For the Daily Prompt.

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  1. I liked being privy to that conversation.

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