Conjure Woman

I visited a conjure woman. Always wondered. She’s in the storefront next to the Dive Inn. I’d had a few (Jerry threw me out of the Dive) and I just turned and went into her shop. Zarreera is her name.

She made three predictions.

First, that I’d meet a woman and fall in love but it wouldn’t last.

Sure enough, when I got back outside, here came Misty down the sidewalk and before you know it we were back in her (or his, sort of) room at the Cornfield Hotel. I was still drunk and I was in love but as foretold, I was soon yet again back out on the street drained and alone.

Second, Zarreera predicted that a license would help solve a problem I was having.

Good news, as my driver’s license had just been revoked after I drove straight through a traffic circle while impaired. Now without a car I had to walk home and a mutt followed me. I wouldn’t feed him but he hung around the house anyway, whining. Then he bit the mailman on the ankle and the judge made me get a dog license or end up in the clink.

Third, Zarreera predicted that I would go on a long trip.

Correct again. I bought some bad acid and I’ve been on the same bad trip ever since.


For the Daily Prompt: Conjure

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