Hall of Fame: Practice Flyovers

Top five memorable synchronized airshow practice flyovers:

  1. Bucharest – For the first time in 350 years, all the babies in the sprawling Grigorescu orphanage were asleep at the same time. In preparation for the city’s coming celebration of the coronation of the country’s new king, the Regal Cvintet of GJ343 Steaua Polara ramjets chose that moment to fly over the city center and perform their complex and long-lasting series of aereal gymnastics, afterburners on. Then for the first time in 350 years, no baby in the orphanage was asleep.
  2. Paris –  The world’s greatest collection of fine and rare crystal, gathered for the occasion from 78 countries, was assembled in La Place De La Place for a grand showing, when the TriColore FRG009 Cinq unleashed one unholy hell of a practice session in advance of the kickoff celebrations for the Tour de France. Setting new records for low-flying without noise retardant equipment, the Cinq reduced the crystal show below it to a fragment – well, fragments – of itself in moments.
  3. Quattbongbong – On the night before the long-planned very secret marriage of Paulabong Ankarabing and Tomabing Hankarabong took place, the ไท กองทัพอากาศ ช้างบิน (Thai Air Force Flying Elephants) flew over so low, practicing flying, that the bride and groom were thown into a complete ความหวาดกลัว (tizzy).
  4. Honolulu – The combined-service Rainbow Angels began performing their synchronized stunts over the city just as a bogus warning of a nuclear attack was broadcast across the island. Grown men broke down at the sound of the incoming jets, reduced to tears, crying like teeny tiny babies.
  5. Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Navy XSNAFU super-helicopter precision quintet and the U.S. Air Force FU Flying Five were inadvertently sent to practice over the District Fairgrounds on July 3, in advance of the Fourth of July, at the same time. This sudden saturation of airspace over the Fairground’s Sulky Racetrack with high-performance aircraft proved to be a zero-sum game for one hundred per cent of the pilots concerned. Sadly. That’s not what zero-sum means, but we didn’t want to go all grisly here.

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