Lee Child’s 23 Jack Reacher books

I’ve long had the habit of listening to guilty-pleasure books, rather than reading them.

It was a sad day for me in 1986 when I learned that John D. McDonald, creator of Travis McGee, had died. He was a go-to guy for me, together with Donald Hamilton, who produced 33 years worth of Matt Helm novels through 1993, but then was done.

Spillane croaked in 2006 at the age of 88.

Donald Westlake, writing as Richard Stark about Parker, bought the farm in 2008.

The first Robert B. Parker Spenser novel appeared in 1973. A sad day in 2010 when Parker keeled over at his computer, heart-attacked. That was a blow.

Laurence Block is almost 80, which fortunately is the new 70.

But Lee Child is still churning them out, not to jinx him. 22 novels and a collection of short stories. He says that he never knows where the book he is writing is going to go, just gets to the end using logic. Does that sound logical?

Various authors have been suggested to me as good guilty listens. I count Anthony Trollope and Steven King amongst those I cotton to. Always looking for more.

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