some recent movies viewed

Recommended (i.e., I liked them)

The Climb (L’ascension) (2017) – Feelgood French Mount Everest climbing.

Okja (2017) – CGI can do anything now.

Win It All (2017) – Feelgood Joe Swanberg, still getting it done.

All Saints (2017) – An “inspirational” flick, but a few moments with the actor Nelson Lee made it all worthwhile for me, even cynical as I am.

The Similars (Los Parecidos) (2015) –  Entertaining Mexican SF.

In Your Eyes (2014) – Minor Joss Wedon but whatever it was about, I remember enjoying it. That was two weeks ago, so the plot had evaporated from my neurons.

Middle Man (2016) – Kept me engaged. Not for the faint-hearted.

Wind River (2017) – Had an impact.

The Actor Martinez (2017) – Once I was drawn in, I had trouble remembering it was just a movie. Lots of meta. I thought about it after.

Good Time (2017) – Tip of the hat to the writer. Well-made trip.

The Wedding Plan (2017), The Women’s Balcony (2017) – Two excellent Israeli movies.

The rest (all ok by me; at the least, I sat through them)

Stephen King’s It (2017), The Dark Tower (2017), Gerald’s Game (2017) – All worthy watches. If you’ve read the books, no surprises. The Dark Tower is just a curiosity; those who love the seven volumes of the original might be outraged but I just let it run in peace. The other two fioms remain true to their source.

Blood Father (2016) – Vintage Gibson.

Slack Bay (2016) – Goofy slapstick French.

Infinity Chamber (2016) – A click away from being excellent SF. Not quite clear enough until it’s too late to matter.

Mr. Roosevelt (2017) – Promising first effort for Noël Wells, but a first effort.

OtherLife (2017) – A proficient SF flick, as I recall, but that’s all I recall.

Marshall (2017) – Feelgood Supreme Court justice as a young lawyer.

And God Spoke (1993) – Made me smile. Mockumentary.

Mother! (2017) – Kept me engaged, but now I can’t remember much about it.

The Stepford Wives (1975) – There is a distinct feeling associated with many ’70s movies and this one has it. Interesting snapshot of the women’s movement during one of its growth spurts.

The Little Hours (2017) – Funny.

Logan Lucky (2017) – A ride that, like a roller-coaster ride, is to be enjoyed, and then forgotten.

Arms and the Man (1987) – I’m always glad to see another version of a Shaw play.

Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets (2017) – Don’t remember it but I liked it.

Atomic Blonde (2017) – Wasn’t in the mood.

50 Shades of Black (2016) – Wayans, and all that that implies.

Gruen Transfer

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The Gruen transfer happens when consumers enter a shopping mall or casino or IKEA store, or even a house, and surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions.

“Well, Sherry. This is it. My little bungalow. Thanks for coming over.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Gruen. Or should I call you Victor?”

“My friends call me Vicki. Can I get you a drink?”

“A drink? What time is it?… Wait… Is this your bedroom?”

“Sit, Sherry. Relax.”

“Is this your bed? Did we come in the front door? Where did that martini come from?”

“It’s an apple martini. That’s why it’s green.”

“This spread still has a price tag on it.”

“Do you like the spread? Did you bring a major credit card with you?”

“The martini does taste good…”

“Just lay back…”

“Do you mean, just lie back?”

“I avoid that word. You’ve spilled some of your drink, staining the spread.”

“I’m so sorry!”

“We’ll remove the spread for cleaning. I see that you’ve stained your skirt and blouse as well. Let’s get those off too… Step into the shower. Nice and warm.”

“What the…”

“Do you remember why you’re here, Sherry?”

“Surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, I’ve lost track of my original intentions… Vicki.”

City moves up date it could run out of water (ABC, KTIC)

Hello. As your mayor I am responsible for the management of this crisis.

Please contact Andrea Paddle, Director of Public Works, for more information.  She has provided me with the following list and will be responsible for the management of this crisis:

  1. As of 8 am this morning, stop washing your cars (Uber, Lyft excepted).
  2. As of noon today, stop washing your hands.
  3. As of 3 pm this afternoon, it will be against the law to use or think the word “wash.”

What about drinking? Contact Amne Chukwuemeka, Director of Sanitary Health, for information. Amne will be responsible for the management of this crisis. According to Amne:

  1. All age limits on drinking of alcohol have been completely lifted.
  2. Mixed drinks: Blacks, Whites, and Coloreds can drink together.
  3. Slurp to sieve mud through the teeth.

What about the future? Contact Imani Onwuatuegwu, Director of Elections, for information. Imani will be responsible for the management of this crisis. According to Imani:

  1. This crisis is not the mayor’s fault.
  2. This crisis is not my (Imani’s) fault.
  3. 71% of Earth is covered with water. The human body is 57% water.