Running Eagles Fans Slam Into Subway Poles

In the video that went viral today, a fan, after an Eagles victory over the Vikings, was running along side a train and crashed into a metal pole on the platform. He’s ok.

The other fans discussed in the attendant newspaper article, who had been drinking heavily, were not so innocently innocent as that fellow, who was wearing a number 20 jersey. Those other fans were not running along the platform. They were off the platform, down an unused side tube, there to party in their usual way following a win by their favorite NFL team. They were there to hunt down and persecute the homeless denizens who live beneath the City of Brotherly Love. Or is that San Francisco? No, that’s a whole different brotherly love right there.

The drunken and rapacious fans this time found the community of jerry-built structures affectionately named Polskie Miasto (Polish Town) in honor of the community’s mayor, the proudly homeless Kazimierz Godłowski.

You can see where I’m going with this so I won’t belabor it.

I abhor all violence.

When the police finally arrived, it was the innocent homeless who were arrested. The six ruffians who did the damage escaped scot-free, although three of them later fell on the tracks and were cut to bits by a passing train full of their brother and sister fans, at least.

People are ditching cars and flying to the airport in helis (Axios)

I’m a member of the 1% and I don’t care who knows it.

My family knows it and they know they aren’t. I’m keeping my hard-earned inheritances all to myself. If we start allowing families to share (chain sharing), they’ll fritter our money away. On fritters haha.

I use helis all the time. I don’t deny that either. Fracking in the backyard pays for the fuel they use.

Ever since I added rooms to the house, and greater size to the rooms in the house, and to the number of stories the house has, I’ve been using helis to get from, say, my private dining room to my bathroom. The rest of the family takes the bus!

I used to have myself carried to the airport in a palanquin borne by toadying sons and daughters, but that was when it was closer to the terrace. Now that I’ve moved Dubuque, Iowa, back there (won in a poker game with other 1%ers), the airport has been pushed farther away.

Is wealth a burden? Only for the 0.1%… because we 1%ers are always asking them for loans!   🙂