Man Reports ‘Unexploded WWII Bomb’ That Turns Out To Be Zucchini

Headlines such as the one above can be counted upon to generate a laugh or two, and perhaps a click of the mouse. However, the tragic fact is that 46.7% of such stories contain tragic facts.

But this post is not about recursion. It is about Life, and how the facts of life are often tragic. (Not “the facts of life,” which do generate a lot of laughs, especially when explained to five-year-olds.)

Unmentioned in the news article about the man and his bomb is the fact that he made his report to the Bombenpolizei after eating the zucchini, not before. His report was metaphorical in nature and was based upon his growing fear that the ancient vegetable, once subjected to the digestive process, would truly “explode” in his nether regions.

Ich dachte, es würde mir den Mut machen,” Gunther explained. “You know, I thought it would blow my guts out.”

And so, in the event, his concerns unaddressed, his wife and children were made to suffer der Lärm und der Gestank.

We Have A New Prime Number, And It’s 23 Million Digits Long

(from FiveThirtyEight)

Betting tip: current Vegas odds are running 6-1 that M77232917 (the new prime’s nickname) is actually divisible by 5. I’m checking this now using the calculator on my vintage Palm device. I plan to bet $100 to win $600!!