6 Unusual Ways To Clean Your Toilet

I don’t have even one unusual way to clean your toilet, but I will by the end of this article.

We’re not talking about the toilet in Trainspotting here. Just a normal day-to-day toilet, like the one(s) in your house.

By a “clean” toilet, I mean one that you look at and don’t see anything adhering to its interior porcelain. Enough said.

Why would you want an unusual way to clean your toilet? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’m getting a nickel a word and syndication in the Far East, where toilets are different than in the U.S.

Having said that, I’m giving myself sixty seconds – no, two minutes – to think of unusual ways to clean your commode. Six of them, or more, or less.

Setting the timer… and I’m off:

1. Hire a weird guy.

2. Use your toilet as an aquarium.

3. Eat no solid food.

4. Poop directly into your compost pile.

5. Hire one of those guys on the corner down by Home Depot to clean it.

6. Use baking soda. Or baking powder. Isn’t that usually the ticket for chores in the kitchen and bathroom?

7. Visit your neighbor every morning, “for coffee.”

8. Clean your toilet once and for all, and henceforth do your business at work. You’ll get points for coming in every weekend.