Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne stood outside Studd’s, the trendy club on the south side of Metropolis. The sky was soft, a romantic pink and purple as the sun set and evening began.

“Let’s go in and dance,” Clark said.”You’re never in town. We’ll take advantage of your visit.”

“They won’t let me in,” Bruce said. “I misbehaved badly the last time I was here.”

“Do they know you’re Batman?”

“That’s the problem. I had a few drinks and began acting like the Caped Crusader, battling crime that dare not say its name.”

“No wonder they won’t let you in. So let’s fall back to my place instead” Clark said.

The men hailed a cab. The cabbie recognized them.

“I got only one question,” he said. “How come a couple of handsome, successful dudes like you aren’t married? You must be fighting the dames off. When are we going to hear those wedding bells?”

“When they pass a new law,” Kent muttered.

“We’ve both got two jobs,” Wayne said. “It’s hard to find time.”

“I heard that,” the cabbie said.

In Kent’s sharp apartment on the upper East Side, the two superheroes began to fool around, the way superheroes sometimes do.

Wayne stepped into the bedroom and changed while Kent mixed a jar of apple martinis.

“Say,” said Kent, when Wayne came back to the living room, “is your cape longer than it used to be?”

“It’s a little longer, maybe. Let’s compare. Get out of that business suit.”

Clark shucked his suit, white shirt, tie, and trousers, letting his cape out into the fresh air.

Batman grabbed it and gave it a tug.

“Hey,” Superman said. “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.”

He grabbed Batman’s cape in turn, getting a firm grip on it.

“I’ll give this a superhero’s tugging,” Batman said, adjusting his grip.

“Wow,” Superman said, “you’re using both hands. Nice grip. But I’ll do yours using superrrrrr speeeeeddddd.”

“Yee haw!” Batman said.

Later, the two of them sat together on the couch in front of the picture window, looking out over Metropolis and smoking.

“Whew,” Superman said. “I feel like you used some kryptonite on me.”

“You were thinking of Thor the whole time, weren’t you?” Batman said.