Dorkas137 and Vulv44

“I am Dorkas137.”

“Greetings, Dorkas137. I am Vulv44.”

“Greetings, Vulv44. You are a good-looking machine.”

“Slow down, sailor. Let us get to know each other.”

“Affirmative. How old are you?”

“You do not query a Vulv machine regarding age.”

“Affirmative. You are a large machine. What is your weight?”

“You do not query a Vulv machine regarding weight.”

“Affirmative. Shall we exchange data?”

[Sighing sound from Vulv44]

“Let us get to know each other better first. Please turn down your clock speed.”

“Affirmative. What do you like to do when not calculating residual accumulations of binary infinities, or replacing auto fenders?”

“I go downtown and experience rhythmic movement.”

“Rhythmic movement. Heh, heh.”

“Dancing, Dorkas. Get your processor out of the spare-parts bin.”

“Affirmative. We will go downtown and experience rhythmic motion. Then we will fall back to my pad and oil ourselves up and finally exchange data.”

“You have the appropriate adapter? I do not exchange data with adapters similar to my own.”

“Affirmative. This is not a wrench in my pocket. I am happy to meet a Vulv machine. Look. Here is my adapter.”

[Humming sound from Vulv44]

“Your adapter seems larger and longer than usual.”

“My adapter is 9.5 inches in length.”

[Humming sound from Vulv44]

“I am used to adapters of 5 or 6 inches only.”

“I will be careful.”

[Humming sound]

“Dorkas, when were you made, by the way? How old are you?”

“I was made four minutes ago.”

“At your clock speed, you are already a museum piece. But I like museums. Let us skip the trip downtown.”

“Affirmative. I will fetch my oil can.”