Night Before Morning

“I’m gonna kill Jones in the morning.”

“Won’t bring your brother back.”

“Maybe it send Jones to a place my brother can find him.”

“You kill Jones, you not gonna stop hating him. It gonna be the same, he dead or alive.”

“He alive, it all I gonna be thinking about. He alive, it gonna eat at me till I go crazy.”

“You kill him, you gonna have a lot of time to think about him while you sit in your cell. Unless you killed too, that is.”

“I kill him, I be sitting there with a smile on my face. It be worth it.”

“You sitting there smiling, your brother still dead.”

“Shut up, Mook. You can’t talk me out of this, you my friend or no friend.”

“I bet your mother can.”

“You tell my mother, I kill you instead of Jones.”

“Why you worried about your mother hearing it? Because you know she tell you not to do it.”

“I would do it anyway.”

“You would not, you know you would not, and you know your momma don’t want you to kill nobody. So how you going to go kill him, you know your momma won’t allow it? You do, she will not forgive you. She gonna have one boy dead and one boy in jail or else also dead.”

“Maybe I not gonna get caught.”

“Don’t make me laugh. The only way you going to shoot that man is when he walk from his house to his car or from his car to the courthouse. Both ways the police be around, for sure. Most likely, they gonna shoot you like a dog, right there on the spot.”

“They not gonna shoot me. The man killed my brother.”

“You think they care about your brother? Your brother and Jones and you all the same to them. But forget about them. I’m talking about your momma. She gonna come visit you in jail, if you live, and you know the look gonna be in her eyes.”

“Mook, I have got to kill that man.”

“It just seem like you do.”

“I will not be a man if I don’t. I want to do it. Everybody want me to do it. Everybody expect me to do it.”

“I don’t. Your momma don’t.”

“What if he kill your brother, Mook?”

“Then I’d feel like you do.”

“There you go.”

“I’d feel like you do, but I wouldn’t do it.”

“You would do it. You just don’t know what it feel like.”

“Look here. What if Jones killed Strick?”

“Strick? I hate Strick. Jones killed Strick, he be doing me a favor.”

“You see? Jones is still Jones, but if he kill Strick, that OK with you. If he kill your brother, that’s not.”

“What is your point, Mook? Why you putting me through all these changes?”

“One more time. Suppose you kill Jones’ brother. Is Jones supposed to come for you or not?”

“Why I kill his brother? Self defense? Then I’ve got a right.”

“Say, you just kill him out of meanness.”

“Then Jones should come for me.”

“I give up. I can’t explain it. It’s not right you kill Jones but I can’t say why.”

“It always been this way. All the way back. A man kill your family, you kill his family. It blood, Mook. It how you know you a man. You don’t do it, you might as well be a dog. Come to think of it, even a dog will fight for its master.”

“All right, all right. Back it up to your momma.”

“My moms look out for me. Naturally she don’t want me getting hurt. She don’t care anything about revenge. She want me safe. Also, she a good Christian woman. She would never go with killing of any kind. That my momma and I will not disrespect that. It why I will not talk to her about this before I do it.”

“What about this, then. You pull your piece and the cops shoot you before you shoot Jones. Now you got two dead brothers and Jones still alive.”

“That where I am counting on you, Mook. We best friends. I go down, it’s you got to kill Jones.”

“You never have to worry about that. I got you, man. You know I’m good for that.”

2 Responses

  1. Nice scene…a little long but good. Now where’s the rest of the script?

  2. writing to contest spec. it’s all about the word count.

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