Ken and Emmy

Ken and Emmy met in college. They fell in love and marriedat graduation. Five years and two children later, Ken told Emmy that he’d been unfaithful. After a period of turmoil, she forgave him. A year later, he told her the same thing and she divorced him.

He came by often in the evening and on weekends to spend time with the children. After two years, Emmy married a man named James. With James in the house, Ken didn’t come as often as he had before, but he came as often as he could.

Three more years and one more child and Emmy discovered that James was having an affair. Ken found her despondent in the home, with the kids silent. She ended her second marriage immediately.

After that, Ken stopped by more often, like he had before.

“Are all men liars?” Emmy asked him, “Or did just find and marry two who were?”

“I’ve spent a long time on that one,” Ken said. “I don’t know.”

Eventually, Ken moved back in. Eventually, he proposed and Emmy accepted.

This time, they stayed married.

4 Responses

  1. I’ve known several people who were married, divorced, and then married again. I am not sure if this is a case of art imitating life, an indication that human beings did not evolve to be monogamous, or that a lot of skills take practice.

  2. All men are liars because woman don’t want the truth.All women are liars because men can’t handle the truth.Lies outnumber truths by a million to one ratio…

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