Cat from Hawaii found in Ohio

[Headline, CNN]

I was sitting on my porch when I saw a cat coming down the street. He was obviously lost. I whistled him over and as I scratched his head, I checked his collar. He was from Hawaii.

I went inside and found some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and a little leftover poi and brought it out to him. He wolfed it all down. I could tell he was hungry.

I called my sister, who lives in Wailea.

“I’ve found a lost cat,” I said. “His collar says he lives in Kihei.”

“Why, that’s right down the road,” my sister said. “Where are you?”

“Home in Ohio.”

“I’ll be darned. Well, put him on a plane to Kahului and I’ll meet him there and take him home.”

“Thanks, Sis.”

I had a carrier that I bought at Target after a lost dog showed up from Paris and caught me unprepared. I put this little guy in it (his name was Kamehameha) and took him down to our local airstrip. He had to make a connection in Columbus but after that he had a straight shot to the islands.

4 Responses

  1. You did a very nice cat mitzvah there, buddy. Hope you didn’t get a furball in the process. the smartest pet I ever had, far and away, was a rescue from the pound. He was smarter than me…actually earned an MBA and was working on his doctorate when a fucking coyote ate him. Lost two cats that way. Nature owes me TWO coyotes and I go out of my way to hit them with my car whenever I get the chance. someday, I WILL even the score…

  2. You fed him a poi? Isn’t that a kind of dog?

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