Wednesday Weeks

Mrs. Weeks named her children Monday through Sunday, respectively. She stopped after seven, for obvious reasons.

Each child was required to minister to Mrs. Weeks specially on his or her day, taking on extra, onerous chores for the twenty-four hours. Consequently, Sunday Weeks came to hate the Church, Saturday Weeks came to hate social dancing, Friday Weeks came to hate fish, so forth.

Wednesday night was bingo night and due to her fatigue at the end of that day each week, Wednesday Weeks came to hate bingo. Nevertheless, in later life, she won a new Prius at the game.

[100 Word Challenge]

13 Responses

  1. What an interesting story, a great take on the prompt.

  2. …but aren’t there 8 Days A Week?

  3. Haha, a novel approach to birth control. What a fun approach.

  4. Made me laugh, this one. Great ending. 🙂

  5. This was fun. It reminded me of a story I read as a kid, where the parents named the first two children Day and Night. Then when the 3rd one was born they decided to name them after the 4 seasons so the first two had to change their names. Then when the 5th one was born they decided days of the week would be best, so the 1st 4 had to change their names. Then when the 8th one was born they decided months of the year….I can’t remember how the story ended – I just remember that January and February (formerly Monday and Tuesday, formerly Spring and Summer, formerly Day and Night) hated the younger ones who’d only ever had one name!

  6. What an adorable story! Great use of the prompt.

  7. Fun and entertaining. I like the concept. But especially that she won something at last.

  8. A great take on the prompt.
    What an interesting family. I feel sure that each member of the Weeks family could merit their own story.

  9. That’s an amusing idea! Maybe Wednesday was the lucky one, as Bingo might not have been as bad as some of the other days! Certainly lucky later on!

  10. A Prius of all things – hilarious touch!

  11. This made me laugh!

  12. Oh Joe I do love your pieces! This is fabulous & quite believable perhaps in the Victorian era. Thank you for making me smile!

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