…you bought her what…

You bought her what?”
“I, as I told you, bought her what she needs.”
“Well, I bought, unlike what you bought, her what she wants.”
“Humph. I bought her, unlike what you bought her, what was best for her.”
“Tell me what you bought her. What?”
“Ha. I will tell you. Bought her…” What?”
“For her dog. Better than what you bought.” “Her what?”
“Her dog Betsy. Remember when you bought her? What a pet.”
“So wrong. You bought her what her pet wants.”

[100-Word Challenge for Grownups]

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17 Responses

  1. I love all the confusion in this piece and the repetition of the prompt punctuated in so many different ways. I can picture two Music Hall comedians on stage going through this routine.

  2. This is great Joe! As S-J says it is such fun to have the muddle – rather like the what, where, who sketch. Thank you for joining in the fun this week!

  3. Panda eats shoots and leaves. etc Punctuation is such fun!
    Great piece.

  4. Really clever word play. I love the difference between wants and needs and the little competition.

  5. I enjoyed this.
    A clever repetition of the prompt and it made me smile.

  6. This is great! It is interesting, clever, and funny.

  7. You bought her what I need right now: a new copy of Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style.”

  8. As long as you didn’t buy her the farm.

  9. A little Abbot and Costello to this bit, nice. I wonder what her pet wanted, and how it was confused for a human want? A brush maybe??

  10. Wow, clever! Glad *I bought* Strunk’s, “The elements of style” this week. 😉 The illustrated version of course.

  11. I love how you repeat the words inn so many different contexts, and over and over – and the best part, it all makes sense! Very creative!

  12. Creative and witty!

  13. Very clever and fun!

  14. LOL – Julia mentioned that she hadn’t puntuated thr prompt so you did it in every possible way. Funny!

  15. Enjoyed the structure, the different use of punctuation in relation to the prompt

  16. Very clever, really enjoyed it x

  17. Very amusing. Thanks for making us smile. Sounds like a perfect example of sibling rivalry to me!

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