Subway Buskers Corner: Holiday Hint #53

Put up a little table and next to your tip hat situate a big bowl of figgy pudding with a ladle, paper plates, and plastic spoons. You can obtain ample dried figs, in their original wrapping, from the Trader Joe’s dumpsters. Happy holidays!

50/50 Word Challenge

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  2. Great hint….trying to think of a way to continue this 🙂

  3. This has got me stumped a bit. I do hope there are some part 2s for me to see where you are coming from. Thank you for setting me a puzzle!

    • Hi, Julia. Buskers stand on the street and perform for tips. Many buskers maintain an informal community, sometimes worldwide. At the holidays, perhaps they can enhance their performances with some modest site accoutrements. What could be better than free figgy pudding? But to keep the cost down, a little dumpster-diving (refuse bins) may be in order (the large chain markets often discard almost-fresh produce, like figs, in their original packaging).

      So a follow-up to such a helpful hint might be additional hints for improvements, such as adding some songs that include figgy pudding, or, say, mince pies or marmite, to the busker’s performances.

  4. Nice ‘tip’! A bit of performing and giving at the same time – very festive!

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  7. I wrote a follow-up hint (#54); your clever idea made it easy!


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