Christmas Definitions 3

Candy Cane – Made of candy or whatever, large or small, in the shape of a cane, for decoration. Much more common than the candy crutch.

Ornament – Anything that you hang on the tree. Could be something made by your three-year-old in preschool, or an object in the family for two hundred years, or something that was chic twenty years ago, or just something, like, where the heck did that come from?

Three Kings – When do three kings agree about anything? Did these guys all use the same soothsayer. Whatever: road trip!

Manger – Place for baby to sleep if bureau drawer, truckle bed, or laundry basket is not available.

2 Responses

  1. Bahaha. Cute. Especially the ornament one. Because sometimes it’s hard to tell the 200 year heiriloom from the three year old’s class project!

  2. We own and live in five acres of woods. At least half the trees are conifers. I own a chain saw. Many of the trees are small enough for me to cut safely and big enough to make an excellent Christmas tree. (By the way, while chain saws are incredibly dangerous in many ways, at the top — or bottom once one is interred — of the danger list in using a chain saw is cutting down a tree.)

    My wife loves Christmas. We will buy a Christmas tree at the store. As soon as it snows, I will use UPS to ship some snowballs to Alaska.

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