“Is it me or are bells ringing?”

“You’re in a mental institution. What do you think?… Besides, they aren’t ringing, they’re tolling.”

“You’re both wrong. They’re knelling.”

“Is that even a word? No matter. They’re pealing.”

“By God, you’re right. The war’s over.”

“They’d be ringing out wildly if the war were over.”

“It’s the top of the hour, you fools.”

“Oh, thirty o’clock is it, Mr. Know-It-All?”

“My radiator sounds better than that cacophony.”

“Somebody let the hunchback get his hands on the rope again.”

“The gates are open.”

“Till the bells stop. Off we go, then.”

12 Responses

  1. Ah, that’s a merry bit of madness, isn’t it? I like it.

  2. I like the flow and the interesting mixture of ideas/images.
    I had considered the end of a war for my theme, but went for something different.

  3. Love the chaos of thoughts here – hilarious!

  4. Delightful. Fun with words, craziness, and bells.

  5. Almost as mad as James Joyce… there’s a touch of the Irish about this. Love it!

  6. Love the madness of it all with a definite sense of logic that runs through it.

  7. I really, really like this. It has a whiff of Monty Python about it!

  8. Don’t know why but reminds me of

    “Windy today isn’t it?”

    “No, it’s Thursday.”

    “Me too. I’ll put the kettle on…”

    Bonkers, but great.

  9. Fab, seasonal madness. Made me smile

  10. Love this, very crazy feeling.

  11. hahaha I really really liked this!! Great to read a funny piece!

  12. Not jsut a double act – a triple act. I loved the comedy and the competitive nature of even the maddest of men (or women).

    Mine (better late than never) is at

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