Recreating the Past

[100-Word Challenge]

Would you like Grandpa’s old toolshed standing out in your back yard? The family chicken coop of yesteryear? Great-grandma’s potting shed? With Queen Vicky’s Weathering Paste (Royal Patent, 1887), you’ll have the wood you need for your dream structure in no time!

Go down to your local lumber dispensary. Purchase what you need, fresh and green. Bring it home.

Of course you can now try white vinegar and steel-wool pads, but this isn’t a birdhouse you’re building. Slather on our paste and in a week, you’ll have lumber that looks like it came from the ark.

14 Responses

  1. So that’s how it’s done. What a great idea. I believe it you know, those window panes looked far too pristine for an old structure. Thanks for the tip-off 🙂

  2. Fantastic – that rustic, beaten-up, weathered look without having to wait years for the wind and rain to do its job. Would love some for our shed!

  3. Aha I shall buy some for the worn out old garden door I am going to have to replace in the morning seeing as my rather naughty dog has chewed through the bottom of the beautiful 50 year old one . . . .

  4. That was a cool take on the prompt! Sounds like a real ad.

  5. Great ad! I’ve a bit TOO much wood that looks like this – could do with some paste that reverses the process!

  6. Of course, faux is better than recycled…isn’t that the truth, Robin

  7. I must admit new wood made to look old did cross my mind – do you have some stuff that makes old look new *glances down at the ‘no longer in my 20’s’ figure 😮

  8. What a great way to do this. Really enjoyed it. x

  9. Super use of the prompt . Think we would all want something to reverse the process; but would solve the age old problem of the new shed door never quite matching!

  10. Hi Joe!
    I really look forward to your entries because they are always so different. I like the idea of the renovation! It will look great!

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