I’d love to attend!

(“My Top Three Excuses” contest. 150-word limit.)

Hi, Susie. Thanks for the invitation to your party on Friday. I’d love to attend! Unfortunately, I’ve developed a nasty little cough. I’d better stay home. Don’t want to be spreading this to your other guests. Cheers! John.

Hello, Susie. I’m writing to you from the hospital. The doctors want to investigate this cough of mine. Probably nothing to worry about, but it’s much worse. Thanks for the home remedies you sent me and for your repeated assurances that I can come to your party on Friday, sick as I am.

Dear Ms Smith. We regret to inform you that John Jones has passed away, in spite of all our efforts to save him. He will not be attending your party tonight. In his final moments, he asked us to thank you for your offer of an ambulance to bring him over to your place.

3 Responses

  1. Hi, you have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger” award. Congrats!:)

  2. Great. Just in time for the holidays. This should be on the top 10 Party advice list. Thanks.

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