A pill, please.

“Paul, thank God you’ve come.”

“What’s the matter, Uncle. Are you ill?”

“It’s my heart. Please, fetch my pills. In the bedroom. On the bureau.”

“I’m there. So many bottles.”

“The chartreuse pills.”

“I’m sorry, Uncle. What color is chartreuse?”

“I’m color-blind, Paul. They’re gray.”

“Hmm. These are a purplish hue. Is chartreuse maroon?”

“What color is maroon?”

“To you, gray.”

“How gray?”

“Dark gray.”

“No, chartreuse is gray but not so dark.”

“Aha. Here’s a nice fuchsia.”

“Bring it!… No, that’s not it. Hurry, my boy. I can’t last much longer. Bring in all the bottles.”

“My Lord, Uncle. How many pills do you take? Here, I’ll go back for more.  Cerulean? Carmine? What about these?”

“That one, that could be it. It’s close.”

“Can’t you read the labels?”

“Those names mean nothing to me. Here, I’ll take this one.”

“Are you sure it should be that color?”

“Well, it’s gray.”

15 Responses

  1. The complexities of language! Chartreuse? What’s wrong with ‘red’?

    I’m making a mental note to use ‘chartreuse’ in place of the word ‘red’ in a future 100 word challenge!

  2. Laughing out loud at the last two lines of your story, and the exchange here. You’re pretty good at this. I liked yours a lot.

  3. Hello Joe & welcome to the 100WCGU! This is fabulous! such humour yet so serious. I really enjoyed this & could see it as a sit com moment! It’s great to have you join us!

    Do you tweet? (Thinking about it that is probably not well phrased for a wicked sense of humour like yours. Trying again – are you on twitter?)

  4. I’m with Uncle – a pill’s a pill, what difference what colour it is – it’s bound to do something.

  5. Scary but fabulous. The names of colors are somewhat ridiculous.

  6. Love it! Those pill colours are just mad; just imagining the consequences of this happening is somewhat alarming, yet highly amusing! Very clever post; well done.

  7. This was so clever – loved the concept of trying to identify the correct shade of grey from amongst all those colours.

  8. A pharmacist’s nightmare, enjoyed, hope he made it another day to take another gray, Robin

  9. The diversity of grey!! Enjoyed

  10. Lordy, I’m so glad my drugs aren’t all grey! I could be really poorly.
    A very clever piece with the links to exotic colours.

  11. A Doctor’s nightmare too! They all look grey, so it could be anything! Made me smile.

  12. This is so scary it’s possible! My Dad is colour blind and he has had a quadruple heart bypass – had he not this could have been a conversation I might have had in the future!

    Nice bit of writing, I love the use of chartreuse from a man who doesn’t know what it looks like – to others!

    • by george, your dad might have been the gentleman who provided the inspiration for my piece. does he hang out at the three antlers pub in groaninshire?

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