Guest Blogger: H. Cain

We all make mistakes. It’s only human.

The important thing is, do we learn from those mistakes? Do we grow?

I’m sure that all of you have done things that you aren’t proud of. Think back. Why did it happen? Would you make the same mistake again today? I think not.

Let he who is blameless throw the first stone. He whom is blameless.

I was with a woman. Why not? I’m a man, per se. But I misread a couple of her signals. I responded. You could say I reacted. Once corrected by her, or restrained and slapped you might say, I learned. I’ve moved on. I shouldn’t be punished for a person I no longer am.

I’d like to thank this young fellow here for lending me his blog for a minute. I was going to tweet about the incident as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, but with the screaming and so forth, I decided to hold off until I got out of the hallway and away from building security, to gather my thoughts.

Which reminds me, why is a beautiful woman like a pizza with extra cheese? I’ll answer that at the next debate.

6 Responses

  1. If someone wants to be President, they have to look further and further ahead, in order to see what will play and not play in the future. Obviously, as my granddaughter (AE) is only 7 years old, I have will have to look ahead for her. Let’s see, if my arithmetic is correct, she will be old enough to be Pres in 2048 or so.

    When Barak Obama was very young, someone said, “Hey, be a little black and a little white. That will be cool.” On the other hand, they said, “Don’t be a little Christian and a little Muslim; be all Christian.”

    Although I raised my daughter to be an atheist, she and her partner plan to take little AE to various churches, so she can decide what she wants to believe in. We’re about 90% of the way to Mormons being acceptable today; so perhaps AE should convert to Islam now, or perhaps by 2048 Shinto will be in, or perhaps a religion based around Venusian swamp toads.

    Now sexual harassment is currently not a good thing, as Cain’s little “maybe he put his hand where he should not have and maybe he didn’t” indicates. When AE was 2 years old, her mommy introduced her to another little boy who was also two years old, and AE immediately slapped the little boy’s face.

    It is hard to decipher what this meant. Is she precognitive, so she realized he was going to put his hand somewhere he should not when they are both 14 or 15 or so? Or does this indicate that she will be strong on national defense, perhaps defending the US against Venusian swamp toad suicide warriors?

    Or will this incident be dredged up from this ancient blog and indicate that AE should not be President because she was a child abuser at the age of 2?

    Perhaps the next President should be grown in a vat and raised in a bubble so that it will be impeccable.

  2. I should also add that AE has two mommies (who live in Seattle) and two daddies (one being the actual sperm donor) who live in Chicago. How cool is that?! And she is very smart; she attends a private school for very smart kids. She is ready to be President now. Why do we have to wait until she is 35? Amend the Constitution now!!

  3. Great you got Cain to guest blog. I know why a pizza delivery man and a gynocologist are alike, and maybe if Cain were to follow the punch line of this joke, he’d still have a chance.
    Why does the media pretend he still does?

  4. very pointed, and funny. also sad. continue…

  5. Well, he lasted long enough to get a blog post out of. Now, it’s back to big business. Who knows. He might be your boss someday.

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