Death by drone: what does the future hold?

Now that U.S. drones are buzzing around blowing up evildoers and their collateral families, including the late U. S. citizen Samir Khan of North Carolina, we must ask what the future holds in this respect.  A few obvious facts:

1. States, and then cities, towns, and villages will acquire predators.

2. These predators will eventually be armed to the teeth.

3. No matter where you live, you will be under the jurisdiction of law enforcement officers with their fingers on the button.

4. Ditto, in time, meter maids.

4. Ditto, in time, animal control officers.

5. Ditto, in time, mall cops.

6. Ditto, in time, your Uncle Louie down at the ABC Tavern, with an iPhone controller in his drunk and shaking hand.

Conclusion? Ten years from now, very few of us will die in bed, unless we happen to be there with the spouse of another.

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  1. Nicely said. These are crazy times we live in!

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