Who is the Antichrist? Part 1

What can you say about this guy?

He’s a guy, of course, not a girl. Hell hath spewed up plenty of female candidates for Consort to Lucifer. In fact, I’ve married a couple of them. But some guy secured the Antichrist role way back when they were writing the Bible and he’s still hanging onto it.

Anyway, the Antichrist will take care of your needs but, in the end, deny you salvation. That’s his well-known plan. It’s like the housing bubble, or any other Ponzi scheme. You want to get onboard early, reap all possible benefits from your association with the Arch-fiend, and then bail before Christ shows up.

He’s the abomination of desolation, the Antichrist, but that means he’s going to have a neat posse, like that boxer who bit off the other boxer’s ear. It’s like with a frisky pit bull. Poke it. Have some laughs, but don’t get too close to the teeth.

The Antichrist could be an Arab, keep that in mind. The Muslims have their own “deceiving Messiah.” They don’t get off the hook just because they like Muhammad better than Jesus. In fact, the Antichrist could well be Chinese. The idea that he’ll fulfill your worldly wishes with respect to furniture, toys, and electronics would fit with all that manufacturing going on across the Pacific. There is something sort of devilish about it, especially when you put it together with that family of weirdos who inherited the WalMart guy’s empire when he croaked.

Is Obama the Antichrist? Please. If he were, then Gog and Magog would have to be Perry and Romney. Perry might have some dirt in his past, but I challenge you to demonstrate to me a Romney/Bimbo pairing that’s credible. Tiger Woods could qualify, but the Antichrist is not going to blow out his knee hitting a golf ball.

I’ve found that my studies of the Antichrist have helped me in my Sunday betting on NFL games. If you would be interested in my “system,” I’m giving a talk aboutit at Tuesday night’s AA meeting in the basement of the Methodist Church at the corner of Elm and Theosophy.

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