Screenplays: Eat, Pray, Love

From Bali I hear that there is a big demand for scripts based on the following titles. Write one or more scripts and submit them. You might strike paydirt. I’ve included some starter hints.

Female protagonist:

1. Eat, Love, Pray – Woman has dinner out in unsavory part of town, picks up a guy, later prays that she hasn’t caught something.

2. Pray, Eat, Love – Woman spends all day at church but finally must go home, cook dinner for her husband, and then submit to his demands on a full stomach.

3. Pray, Love, Eat – Woman goes to church, is abused by her priest, then takes Communion from him. She thinks, at least he isn’t into young boys. Catholics!

4. Love, Pray, Eat – Woman is unfaithful to her husband, prays for his forgiveness, eats crow.

5. Love, Eat, Pray – Woman wakes up with strange guy, makes him breakfast, goes to church alone feeling mighty guilty, not to mention probably pregnant.

Male protagonist:

Drink, Curse, F**k – Man goes to Ireland, Vegas, and TJ to discover his inner self.

Some other, knockoff scripts desired:

1. Go, For, It – Woman divorces husband after watching too much TV, hits the dating bars, ends up with a clone of her ex. Movie to be shot in three days.

2. F**k, This, Shit – Woman divorces husband, becomes international kung-fu spy. Softcore. To be shot in two days.

3. God, Bless, America – Woman from a red state, probably a little nuts, definitely a huckster, runs for President and makes a bundle doing so.