Guest Post: Representative John Jakobs

Greetings, voters of the 51st District. Today I want to respond to the most frequent question that I hear: “Which is more important to you, serving the United States or getting reelected?”

All professions are faced with variations of this question, including my profession of politics.

For example:

Doctors are asked whether the life of a patient or the timely payment of that patient’s bill is more important to them. This is apples and oranges. Some patients live, some die.  Nothing you can do about that. Likewise, some pay, and some you’ve got to go after with Collections and sue them for every damn cent that they’ve got.

Lawyers are asked whether justice or “getting the rat off” is more important to them. This question doesn’t make much sense, because any lawyer doing his job right will end up screwing his client no matter what the jury decides.

The plumber is asked, is it better to do quick and shoddy work in order to maximize profit and spend more time at home, or to “do a good job”? Answer: quality trumps everything. Quality family time at home, I mean.

With respect to politics, the answer is simple: to serve the country, I’ve got to get reelected first, right?