Flag Stickers

Whenever I see an American flag sticker in the window of a car lately, I’ve been asking the driver why it’s there. The results so far:

3 – Have a son, daughter, or spouse in Iraq or Afganistan.

8 – Want to show that they’re proud to be an American.

12 – Donated to a conservative campaign.

5 – Donated to Sarah Palin.

6 – Asked me why I wanted to know.

1 – Asked me where I was from.

1 – Told me to go f**k myself. (Also had a Dixie flag sticker.)

3 Responses

  1. I’d love to have a discussion with someone sporting a “G-d Bless America” sticker someday. So far, circumstances haven’t put me in a position to ask unless I want to shout it uselessly while cruising up the 605. Which I don’t. But, man, do I want to know why G-d would bless America over any other area designated by man as the physical boundaries of another land.

  2. They both sound like potentially dangerous questions.

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